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Illinois | | November 29, 2011

Come to the land of excitement, fascination and glamour. Come to Chicago. If at any point of time, you wish to have the most memorable travel of your lifetime, then just listen to the call of Chicago. For this Windy City as Chicago is otherwise known as the ideal place to be in if you want to have the most cherishabale experiences.

The third biggest American city, this is situated on the Lake Michigan. It also has the second busiest airport in the entire world. This centre of finance and the hubbub of activity, it has the dubious distinction of being called home by the President of the United States Barack Obama.


The city has an unimaginable magnanimity about it and this magnanimity of the city is beyond limits. The city has so many places that days and days of stay would also not suffice to have had a complete exhaustive tour of the place.

With a city of Chicago’s size, importance, and history you can imagine there’s an endless amount of places to see. But where exactly does one start?

Come to the Sears Tower which was constructed in the year 1973. This was then the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the whole world. Today however, the structure is the tallest in Untied States and it is also the world’s third tallest building. The building offers the best view of the entire city from this place. Situated on the 103rd floor this building has the Sky Deck on this floor. This gives a good vies of the whole city from the top. One can see the states of Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan from the top if it is not windy. The main excitement of visiting the building on a windy day is that you can actually feel the building sway on such a day.

Sears Tower

Then go to the Navy Pier which is around 50 acres of lovely grass and gardens. There are parks dotting the place and the children love to come here. This is a historical playground and is on a rectangular patch of land which is projecting out of the Lake Michigan. This pier has been in existence since the year 1916 and the present state of the pier is after the renovation that took place in the year 1916. Go here and enjoy all the recreation activities like the Mc Donald’s Ferris wheel, the Chicago Children’s Museum and of course a 3 D movie experience in the IMAX theater.

Chicago Children's Museum

There are many stage shows that are organized by the Peps Skyline State which shows all the programs from rock concerts to dance of other forms. Dock Street sees a lot of entertainment during the summer season, while you could do open air ice skating is common during winter h ere.

Then go to the Millennium Park and enjoy the pristine surroundings of the place. It has the East Monroe Drive, The Columbus Driver, Randolph Street and the Michigan Avenue surrounding it. It is a recent construction and has been built in the year 2004. A beautiful construction of the architect Frank Gerry it is a sense of achievement, and also a great parking garage with the largest rooftop garden in the world attached to its popularity.

Millennium Park

While in Chicago let your hair down and enjoy other places too.

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